About the Download

Figma UI kit

Thanks for checking out this project. I’ve been doing a DAILY UI Challenge for the month of March to improve my skills in Figma. I have to say, this tool is absolutely amazing and I’m almost certain it’s going to take over a chunk of the industry pretty soon. Head to figma.com and give it a try, you shall not be disappointed. I was originally inspired to do this challenge by Egor Kuznetsov’s 30 Day Marathon in Adobe XD, I definitely love XD but I already know that tool inside out, so I thought this was a great opportunity for me to learn and get better at Figma. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and recommend it for everyone. UI Kit Available for free. Link at the bottom. Follow me on Twitter for more amazing upcoming projects. Please press that Appreciate button and Follow. Thank you very much. Peace out!